Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department continues to implement new and exciting technology to help our patrons and staff each year. Currently we have over twenty IP based security cameras connected to an NVR for constant survelience. Upstairs there are ten windows 10 professional workstations which have Office 2016 installed for our Patrons to use during business hours. All workstations are locked down and will not allow any programs to be installed without administrative permission.

Our network is protected by Cisco Meraki and HP Aruba devices. All internet content is filtered to prevent any malware, malicious web sites, obsene material from being displayed to our Patrons and young children. Anytime someone logs onto a workstation a disclaimer is presented and you will have to agree to log onto our network. All activity is monitored from our network as well.

We have a guest wifi any Patron can connect to called WCPL_GUEST. You will have to check a box and hit submit in order to connect to our guest wifi. This shows you have agreed by our terms and conditions.

We also have a card catalog workstation beside the front desk you can search for books or movies. Downstairs there is a childrens card catalog where you can search for an item.

For more information you may contact us using one of the following.

  • 606 549 0818 and ask for Kevin Hays
  • Email us at
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