Teen Fiction Spotlight: Twilight

If you watched the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday evening, you had the opportunity to watch the teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, the second novel in the bestselling Twilight series.  At the Whitley County Public Library, we know that fans await the new film with avid anticipation.   Some of our patrons have had a very long wait to check out their copies of this popular series, so here’s an update on what’s going on.

As of right now, all of the books in the Twilight series are still checked out with waiting lists of three or four patrons.  We recently purchased new copies of each of the novels, which should help speed up the process so patrons who are still waiting can receive their copies faster.   Here’s some tips to help you receive your copy as soon as possible:

  • Make sure that we have a working phone number.  If we can’t call you, we can’t put an item on hold on your account. 
  • Make sure that you don’t have any fines or overdue books on your account.  These can block your library account and prevent us from placing holds for you.
  • We only keep popular items on the hold shelf for ONE WEEK, so be sure that you arrive soon after we call you so that you can pick up your hold before the item is passed on to the next person.
  • We update library accounts every three months to ensure that all of the information we have is correct.  If you haven’t updated your card recently, it may be expired.  Call the library (549-0818) to find out the status of your account.
  • Please try to avoid renewing items from this series, as we have unusually long waiting lists for almost every copy.

While you’re waiting for your copy of Twilight, consider these alternatives:

P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast’s House of Night series, which chronicles the life of Zoey Redbird, a newly-marked vampyre with special abilities who enrolls in a unique finishing school for fledgling vampyres called the House of Night.  Challenges for Zoey include an evil, exclusive clique called the Dark Daughters, three boyfriends, and a best friend struggling to remember her humanity.  Go to the series’ website to read sample chapters, watch a trailer and get an in-depth look at this “addictive” series.

You can also tag along with Nina, who has endured 51 years of tedium in the Reformed Vampire Support Group.  Things become far more interesting when someone begins murdering the group’s eccentric members.  Check out this hilarious take on vampires in the twenty-first century by Catherine Jinks.

We apologize for the extended wait to receive copies of the Twilight books, and we thank you for your patience.  Happy reading!

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