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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
General Information

Here you will find a list of our most popular questions we get asked every day here at the Whitley County Public Library. Each department is broken down into their own section, hopefully making it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for. For example if you have a question about how to enroll your child in a program in the Childrens Department, you will scroll down to where you see the section called CHILDRENS.

We will continue to update this page with FAQ's as we get them.


A: If you are over the age of 16, then all you need to do is bring in photo id with your current address on it or a photo ID and proof of your current address, such as a piece of mail. Then you fill out a Library Card Application and a Computer Agreement form and and you are ready to go.

A: It is $1.00 for a replacement card, but you can come by the library and add your picture to your account. With a picture, you just have to tell us your name to use your account. You don't need a physical card anymore!

A: We have free Wi-Fi here at the Library. The name you need to connect to is called "WCPL_GUEST". You will have to acknowledge the splash page and hit continue before you will be allowed to login to our network and browse the internet. If you have trouble connecting ask someone at the front desk for help.

A: Your library card entitles you to a wealth of online resources and all you need is a pin number. You can download e-books and audio books for your tablet, e-reader, smart phone or computer. Your library card can also get you free music through the website Freegal, test preparation through ePrep and access to several other online databases. You can also use your account to renew your items online, place holds on items and much more. All you need is a pin number.

A: A pin number is a 4-Digit number you use as a password to access all the cool stuff available with your account. To set one up give us a call, send us an e-mail or stop on by and see us in person.

A: Once you give us your pin number it stops being visible, even to us. What we can do is replace it for you with a new number. Just e-mail, call or visit us to replace your number.

A: We may or may not be able to depending on how busy we are.

A: We will have paper Federal Tax Returns at the beginning of each tax season.

A: Each patron is allowed to check out a maximum of three DVD's.

A: You are allowed to check out a DVD for three days.

A: You can check out a maximum of ten older books or three new books.

A: Twenty-One days for older books and seven days for new books.

A: You can check out a maximum of five audiobooks.

A: You can check out audiobooks for fourteen days.

A: You can check out a maximum of three magazines.

A: You can check out magazines for seven days.

A: The Book Club meets the fourth Thursday of each month. For more information please call the office MON-FRI from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.


A: You can ask a staff member at the front desk. If they are not able to answer the question, he or she will contact the Information Technology Analyst to assist.

A: Yes! Stop by the front desk, someone can take your documents and scan them to a file.

A: Yes! Stop by the front desk and someone can scan the document to any email address you want.

A: At this time we do not offer wireless printing. If you need to print something off you can save it and send it to our email address whitleylib@gmail.com and someone at the front desk will print it for you. This keeps the cost of the toner down and to prevent patrons from accidently printing hundres of pages.

A: Unfortunetely we cannot help with taxes. You will need to contact a tax professional for assistance. We can however help with any technical questions relating to login, passwords, etc....


A: You can download and fill out the form by clicking HERE and bringing it to the Childrens Library or you can stop by and speak with Tabitha Meadors to get started.

A: You can download and fill out the form by clicking HERE and bringing it to the Childrens Library or you can stop by and speak with Tabitha Meadors to get started.


A: The Bookmobile is a service provided to Whitley County residents for all their Library needs. The Bookmobile travels to your home once per month, offering a wide selection of books and audio books for all ages.

A: You can call (606)549-0818 and ask to speak with Laurel West, our Bookmobile Librarian.

A: Our Bookmobile only serves residents of Whitley County at this time.

A: At this time we do not offer DVD's on the Bookmobile.


A: Libby is a free app you can download and install on almost any device to borrow eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and much more from our Library. Libby is the newer library reading app by OverDrive. If you need help installing visit our How-To-Guides page for detailed instructions.

A: Ancestry is an online database which will let you search over 800 million obituaries and 220 million marriages in their Newspaper.com indexes. Simply visit the site from our website and you can then search either by first name or last name as an example. You can also search by city, county, state or country to broaden your search results.

A: Britannica Library is a place young children to adults can search for almost any topic they desire. Once you visit the site you just need to click on which section you wish to search as. For example, click on Young Adult and a search for Michael Jordan will yield results about him.

A: Freegal is a service that the library provides which allows library users to download 3 songs or 1 music video and 1 song per week (The week resets at midnight on Monday mornings). Where the library has limited space to add albums into our collection, Freegal gives our patrons access to over 8 million songs which are free to use for personal use.

A: Heritage Hub is part of NewsBank which will let you search for obituaries and death records from 1704-Present. Simpley enter in the Last Name, First Name and year of death to get the most relevant results.

A: NewsBank is a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. For a simple search just enter in any keyword, name or topic and click the blue search button to the right to begin your search. You can get more advanced by clicking on the More Options below the search field if desired.

A: KYVL is a large collection of databases where you can search for almost anything. When you land on the web page you are provided a basic search where you can enter a search term. Clicking on Advanced Search above the search field will yield a more advanced search if you want to filter out results. Some of the subjects include government, policy, culture, local and national issues, relgion, etc...

A: NoveList provides a wealth of reading. You can find books by grade or reading level here at Novelist. On the left hand side of the page you can click on any of the topics to find books or information according to that topic.

A: Do you need to build a resume for employment? Cypress Resume does just that! You are able to create and save a resume when you use this free tool the Library offers.

A: Hoopla is a service which you can borrow and enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, magazines, music and Television Shows. You can sign up with your Library card and start enjoying Hoopla on almost any device.

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