1892 Shotgun Wedding Reception

With Valentines Day close at hand, love is in the air which leads to the inevitable thoughts of weddings.  Weddings are often stressful times, but they can be especially stressful when the new mother-in-law does not approve.  The following news story was taken from the 1892 Williamsburg Times:

Oct 19, 1892 — Williamsburg Times:  On last Sunday morning J. Matt Smith and Miss Ella Woods eloped to Jellico where they were made happy in the bands of holy matrimony.  It appears that Mrs. Woods was opposed to the marriage, which made it necessary.  Yesterday morning shortly before the nine o’clock train came in on which the couple was expected it was announced that Mrs. Woods would give them a warm reception, and a large crowd was gathered at the depot to see the fun.  When the train came, Mrs. Woods boarded it followed by Sheriff M.A. Moore, W.L. Moore Deputy Sheriff, and Marshall Ross who prevented the angry mother from using her .45 on her newly made son-in-law who passed on to some place where he would receive a hospitable reception.

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